Activities & Events




Our goal is to have failure free activities for each resident to elevate their sense of independence, satisfaction, and self esteem.

We get to know each resident’s interests, hobbies, routines, and preference of activities.

We offer activities seven days a week and multiple times per day. With activties available daily, our residents are able to partake in those they enjoy most. A schedule is posted well in advance and residents are invited so all have an opportunity to join. We encourage family, friends, and guardians to stay involved in their loved ones life. All are welcome to join in on any activity on any day.

We have regular adult volunteers who come to visit and interact with the residents weekly. Residents who are able and interested in attending events within the community (such as church bazaars, shopping trips, and so forth) are transported and greeted by smiling volunteers ready to enrich the resident’s experience. Schools within the surrounding communities frequently come to visit and entertain our residents.We take every opportunity to turn activities into parties!

The Types of Activities Offered

  • Music – Making music, listening, entertainment by volunteer musicians, sing along, and listening to environmental sounds
  • Light exercise classes are held daily to music. Games such as bowling, shuffle board, indoor golf, beach ball toss, ring toss, and bean bag toss are a fun way to maintain eye and hand motor skills.
  • We have various types of crafts and games available for groups or individual activity.
  • Sensory stimulant activities such as baking include touch, taste, smell, hearing, and visual stimuli.
  • Our residents are oriented to the year, month, day, time, news, current events, and weather daily.

The activity program’s concentration is to enhance the resident’s life with opportunities to share experiences, reminisce, and most of all to laugh while enjoying these Golden Years.