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Our sincere appreciation and gratitude goes out to all of you for the wonderful care you have given our mother, J, in the years of her residency as well as at her passing. She would often mention how loved she felt as you all gave her hugs & kisses & attention and she added “I guess they like me here!” She was so happy to have her bird feeders by her window and how you took the time to fill them when she could no longer do it herself.

And of course the jigsaw puzzle table that you enabled her to have in the Great Room was such a special place for her. All of those personal touches and many more to numerous to mention meant a lot to her and us.

We understand that this is also a loss to you, “her family” at Our Lady, as much as it is a loss for us. Surely, you will miss her stories, her quick wit, and her smile too. Thank You. – October 2017