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Dear Doe Family and Staff,

I want to say a most grateful thanks to you all for the compassionate care my brother received for the year he was with you at “Our Lady”. Bruce has been a man of gentle courtesy, humor, and sense of fun in his earlier life. He has been a man of community, family, always willing to help and support – as a volunteer fireman, boy scout leader for decades, senior leader in Masonic circles for the State of Vermont.

I believe he knew he received loving care from kind and patient staff. Those behind the scenes, although not visible to me as Bruce’s visitor, obviously take pride in meeting “Our Lady’s” philosophy. Specifically, I think of the cleaning crew-excellent work all the time. And the cooks I met when I delivered 2 baskets of squash from Phineas Swan’s gardens – genuinely thankful as they prepared evening dinner in an organized and clean kitchen.

You all are on your toes all the time – and how appreciative I am. I could only manage the drive over the beautiful mountains 4 times during Bruce’s year but I left knowing he was in loving hands as he continues his journey.

With my sincere thanks.