Dear Christina and Steve,

You provided a place where Mom was welcomed, felt secure and happy and was well cared for. Thank you for what you do. Sincerely, B&L March 2016


Hi Loren, Steve and all the family,

I deeply appreciate the wonderful place you have to care for our loved ones. I thank God every day for your special care!! Sincerely, CP June 2016



You know I want to thank each and every one that took such good care of SB. She told me about a lot of things. She was so excited when she won the picture that the man painted. I hope you kept it. I know that’s the way she would of wanted it. She also mentioned the gentleman who came to the hospital for her when she had no other way of getting back. She liked to talk and told me nice things – all good. So… Thank you. June 2016

Just a little note to all the staff of Our Lady of the Meadows for the wonderful care of RP before and after his death. He is missed beyond words. We all loved him. You have such a beautiful place. I will always remember the great care he got from all.

SP & Family

Dear Doe Family and Staff,

I want to say a most grateful thanks to you all for the compassionate care my brother received for the year he was with you at “Our Lady”. Bruce has been a man of gentle courtesy, humor, and sense of fun in his earlier life. He has been a man of community, family, always willing to help and support – as a volunteer fireman, boy scout leader for decades, senior leader in Masonic circles for the State of Vermont.

I believe he knew he received loving care from kind and patient staff. Those behind the scenes, although not visible to me as Bruce’s visitor, obviously take pride in meeting “Our Lady’s” philosophy. Specifically, I think of the cleaning crew-excellent work all the time. And the cooks I met when I delivered 2 baskets of squash from Phineas Swan’s gardens – genuinely thankful as they prepared evening dinner in an organized and clean kitchen.

You all are on your toes all the time – and how appreciative I am. I could only manage the drive over the beautiful mountains 4 times during Bruce’s year but I left knowing he was in loving hands as he continues his journey.

With my sincere thanks.


Dear Loren, all Does and all Caregivers,
First of all I can’t thank you enough for the love and care given to my mother. When it seemed there was no place for her to go you took her in, kept her fed and safe. Our Lady is a truly wonderful place. My thanks can’t be adequately into words.”

Victoria Zolnoski

Dear Claire and Family
We are so grateful to you and your wonderful caregivers at Our Lady of the Meadows for giving our Mom; Christine, such a loving home over the past two years. She was treated with enormous kindness and compassion by everyone there, and we know she loved you all. It was a great comfort to us every time we came to visit her to see her smiles and to witness all the wonderful comments and hugs she received from her caregivers. They are all truly exceptional people. We will always appreciate everything you and your staff have done for our Mom, you will always be on your hearts.

The Melkonian Family

Dear Claire,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did for Mom. Having you with us and praying with us as she died made all the difference to her and to us.

Your are extraordinarily blessed and you have channeled your blessings perfectly to help others.

Your magnificent standards and examples have passed on to your children and they have magnified them for hundreds of residents and their families.
Thank you to infinity.


In Loving Memory of “Mo” To all the ones at Our Lady of the Meadows who loved my Mother so, a great big thanks to all of you for taking care of “Mo”.

I saw the love, I saw the care, your love poured out from everywhere. You are the best at what you do, and no one can compare.It touched my heart to see your love so willing to share.

I will not forget how you took care of me and never made me feel alone. You let me sit by her side as Jesus took her home.She’d want us to remember the good, and have hope for each new day, to lift our eyes to heaven and remember to always pray.

So with gratitude and thankfulness, a simple prayer to you, may God Bless the Staff at Our Lady of the Meadows in everything you do!


Melodie Byrne

To everyone at Our Lady of the Meadows!

My deepest gratitude from myself and all the family for all your loving care and support for my Mother while she resided there. I hold in the highest regard your establishment and thank you for all you’ve done to make my Mother welcome, cared for, loved and so much, much more.


Dear Staff of Our Lady of the Meadows (OLM),

I am continually appreciative of the loving care you give to my Mom and to all the residents at OLM. Your sensitivity, caring, joy, love, sense of humor, listening and gentleness (to list a few of the attributes I see every time I come to see Mom) warm my heart. In honor of each and every one of you, Mom and I are contributing to your Employee Emergency Fund.